KAATS Gymnastics will post all weather closings on KTTC – KAATS GYMNASTICS FACEBOOK PAGE – KAATS GYM ANSWERING MACHINE AND KAATS WEBSITE BY 1:00PM the day of a storm! Please check these sites before you head out to the gym. KAATS does not necessarily close just because schools close.


KAATS Gymnastics is looking for experienced, highly motivated and energetic individuals to coach gymnastics!  Now hiring Pre-School through Boys and Girls Competitive Team coaches – please contact Kathy Nelson @507 356-8933

Welcome to KAATS Gymnastics!

Our Mission: To offer training in a safe and healthy top quality facility, which will allow gymnasts to develop and enhance self- confidence, self- discipline, and self esteem. KAATS gymnastics believes in providing a safe, professional, and welcoming atmosphere for each child who is involved in the sport of gymnastics. We offers classes and special events for […]